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Pioneer Mobile Safaris

Pioneer Safaris takes pride in the fact our safaris are logistically challenging as they provide truly unique experiences for our guests; we aim to show our clients the wildest areas of Zambia, including not only the most visited National Parks but also the more untouched areas of wilderness which offer clients a true bush experience combined with those moments of luxury. Utilisng a mixture of our own guides and local guides, there is always a very high standard of education offered. We also put focus on culture, attending some of the countries traditional ceremonies with guests that are interested.




Our highlights are the special moments and the people that we travel with. Running private safaris offers a great dynamic as the groups or couples have a very special and private safari, shared with only those they choose to be with. 

Need to Know

We can put together an unforgettable adventure for our guests. We are very experienced in Zambia and have good knowledge over the borders too. We have conducted a variety of trips including tailor-made honeymoons, filming packages in remote areas, cross border safaris through Zambia, Malawi, Botswana and Zimbabwe, tailor made group trips and a 30 day safari covering 5 National Parks and 3 Game Management Areas, as well as providing exploratory safaris into less visited areas for tour operators. 


We use mostly GX Landcruisers for our Safaris, from time to time an extended Landcruiser with a pop up roof too, each providing an excellent photographic experience. We bring in local guides occasionally primarily in more specialist areas, local knowledge is very valuable. As well as our senior guides, we also take a chef whom has over 25 years experience of catering in the bush.

Wildlife HighlightsWildlife Highlights

The areas covered by Pioneer Safaris are so diverse that our guests experience many different biomes, each providing a very unique safari experience. So far this year, we have witnessed some incredibe sightings from the moment a Yellow Billed Hornbill fed its chicks for the first time to Lions mating, a breeding colony of Yellow Billed Storks, Hundreds of Elephants, a Buffalo being taken down by a Lion and Wild Dogs chasing an Implala accross a dambo, Leopards mating and the list goes on! It is such a privelage to us to get feedback  that our safaris are life changing, we hear this time and time again from our guests.

Local ActivitiesLocal Activities

We offer a range of activities when on a mobile, including walking safaris, either morning or evening but also multi day. Where it is viable we canoe as well as operate game drives, all within either the National Parks or Game Management areas.


Our guides always carry a Sat phone, for emergency mostly but also for guests to reach home if needs be. We are fully trained in First Aid and each guide holds a wealth of experience in the bush.  Due to our main speciality being in photographic safaris, we also carry equipment which the guests can borrow. Our Safaris are either camping or accommodated. Sometimes we set up camps deep in the bush far from other lodges or campsites, in this case we arranged luxury fly camps, leaving only our tracks when we leave, guests enjoy alfresco feasts on a candle lit table by the fire 


Our mobile safaris are either accommodated (middle market lodges) or we set up our own camps in the bush. When set up mobile camps to operate from, each tent is spacious, inside are two beds with tailor made cotton linen and solar lamps. We cater for them and dinner is served on a table lit with candles. We make a shower covered with reeds and there is also a comfortable sit down lavatory.


We were very proud last year to be awarded the Best Mobile Safari Award. Aside from this we have received with thanks certificates for our community work. Having organised sports competitions and fundraising events we were proud to be recognised in Zambia as a responsible safari company, not only offering incredible experiences for our guests but also putting in valuable commitments and benefits to our communities. We are now sponsoring someone through University from our own pocket, next year we will select another member of the community to support through higher education


Year Round

Average StayAverage Stay

Usually between a week and a month

Average PriceAverage Room Prices

(per person per night unless otherwise stated)

From $350 per night - $500

Children PolicyChild Policy

Children must be accompanied by adults, typically we do not take under 16's but we have made exceptions

Contact and Social Media

To find out more, visit Pioneer Mobile Safaris's website.

To find out more call us on +44 (0)1865 982290 or email us at enquiries at

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