Zarafa Camp Kaya Mawa Royal Malewane
Gabi Rimböck

Gabi Rimböck

Jacana Tours

About Gabi

Having organized and accompanied a sort of 'fun rally' in 1984 in South Africa which was filmed for German TV, Gabi realised this was was where her future lay. Gabi swiftly moved to run the company's South African office and immersed herself in all the continent had to offer. Finally returning to her native country, Germany, Gabi founded Jacana Tours and has never looked back; 'to be honest: us tour operators are very spoilt, as we can enjoy the most beautiful places in the world and still call it work!'.

Jacana Tours GmbH

Jacana Tours was established in 1991 and specializes in tailor made tours to Southern and Eastern Africa. The members of the Jacana team are either from Africa or have lived or travelled there extensively. The focus is on the touristic assets of these destinations: the small and intimate country houses, camps and lodges - often owner run, individually designed, and offering high quality accommodation and guiding. Jacana sells the Africa that the team loves - off the beaten track.

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