Nominations for safari lodges, camps, houses or operators

Voting for the Awards is currently closed, but if you would like to make a nomination, they will be put forward to next year's Safari Awards.

If you do not see the safari property or operator you would like to vote for on our site already you can still nominate it in the Safai Awards by completing the form to the left.

The Safari Awards principally honour safari properties globally, but also shine the spotlight on conservation organisations, rural charities and conservation individuals.

Here at the Safari Awards, we know that every safari is unique and special but our Awards give credit to the lodges, guides, spas and food that you have experienced on safari that go over and above your expectations.

It is not all about luxury but about the essence of a safari experience that showcases the wonder of wildlife, as well as providing a memorable visit or adventure.

Nominate a Safari Property

If the property you would like to vote for is not listed you can still nominate it for the Safari Awards by completing the form below.

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Safari Awards Nominations Guidelines

If you have been on a particularly unique, awe-inspiring safari, or experienced anything especially memorable, in any way, please let us know using the form below.

In order to reflect a true safari experience in our Awards process, please take note of the nomination criteria:

  • the safari property/operator must be located/operate in a wildlife reserve (national or private), or adjacent to wildlife reserve (game, bird or marine life), and must not be located in a city or a large town
  • the safari property/operator must offer wildlife viewing excursions, whether big game or marine wildlife tourism viewing
  • the safari property/operator must feasibly be part of the 'safari circuit'- somewhere visitors will stay as part of their safari holiday
  • the safari property/operator can be anywhere in the world- 'safari' does not just mean ‘Africa' anymore